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Research on high water cut anticorrosion coating technology of petroleum machinery

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With the development of the petroleum industry, most of the oilfields in our country have entered a development stage of high water cut. In this stage of the development process, increasing the corrosion degree of petroleum machinery, plus most of our oil in sulfuric acid concentration is high, by the combined effects of these factors, corrosion of petroleum machinery increasingly serious, in oil production caused serious influence, also lead to the occurrence of oil production in all kinds of accidents. This article will analyze the reasons for the corrosion of petroleum machinery, and then explore the effective measures to prevent the corrosion of petroleum machinery, so as to provide basic protection for the development of the petroleum industry. With the rapid development of the petroleum industry, the technology of controlling the corrosion of petroleum machinery has gradually become an important factor restricting the development of the petroleum industry. Chih Sheng Wei Hua anticorrosion engineers for a long time for the development of the oil industry, good petroleum machinery anti-corrosion technology is guarantee of the development of the petroleum industry, not only can improve the oil daily production capacity, but also prolonging the life of petroleum machinery. In addition, it is also able to save the cost of oil enterprise development, so that the oil companies to maximize the economic benefits. Therefore, oil companies should strengthen the development and innovation of petroleum machinery corrosion technology, to provide a strong guarantee for the development of the petroleum industry. A, leading to corrosion of petroleum machinery 1, petroleum sulfide lead polysulfides corrosion of petroleum machinery in our country most of the oil contains more, in the process of oil extraction, petroleum machinery equipment exposed to oil easily in the oil multi sulfide corrosion, then multi sulfide is generated on the surface of petroleum machinery, in the running process of the petroleum machinery, these polysulfides will petroleum machinery to bring many unstable factors. In addition, mechanical equipment long-term exposure in the air, in the air of carbon dioxide and water would and mechanical equipment, part of the corrosion reaction, eventually leading to the corrosion degree of the whole petroleum machinery equipment is more serious. 2, the oil in the sulfide lead to the corrosion of the petroleum machinery this corrosion phenomenon is mainly caused by the impurities in the oil product, the main component of these impurities is sulfide. Sulfide can react with water in oil, resulting in the production of a large amount of hydrogen sulfide in the oil, which is reduced and acidic, which causes serious corrosion to the petroleum machinery and equipment. In addition, there are a large number of chemical impurities in the oil, which also caused a large degree of corrosion of petroleum machinery and equipment. 3, oil chloride lead to corrosion of petroleum machinery according to the survey, now a lot of oil contains large amount of salt water, if saline chemical hydrolysis phenomenon, will be transformed into hydrochloric acid, for petroleum machinery, hydrochloric acid is lead to petroleum machinery equipment corrosion in the key factor, the petroleum machinery equipment caused serious corrosion, thereby reducing the quality and safety of petroleum machinery equipment. 4, petroleum naphthenic acids in petroleum machinery equipment of naphthenic acid corrosion is now the main components of organic acids in oil, naphthenic acid has a strong chemical properties, the combination of iron and petroleum machinery, petroleum machinery Iron Subjected to severe corrosion, from and greatly reduce oil machinery and equipment safety, reliability and quality, eventually on oil production is restricted. Two, petroleum machinery anti-corrosion technical measures 1, the use of efficient anti-corrosion coatings in order to prevent the corrosion of petroleum machinery, it should use an efficient anti-corrosion coatings. For example, environment-friendly acid properties of anti-corrosion coatings and inorganic polymer properties of anti-corrosion coating with a, these coating are able to of corrosive impurities in the oil and acidic substances play a role, to a great extent of corrosion in petroleum machinery to good control for. First is the environment-friendly acid properties of anticorrosion coating. This coating is mainly the anticorrosive principle is crude oil to the petroleum machinery caused by corrosion of organic acid, hydrochloric acid and hydrogen sulfide and other acidic organic compounds or acidic compounds were cut. Followed by the inorganic polymer nature of anti-corrosion coatings, the coating can be on the petroleum machinery corrosion protection principle is mainly on the oil in the oil and metal dispersion of the prevention and control, so as to achieve the purpose of corrosion protection. Beijing Zhi Sheng Wei Hua Chemical Co., Ltd. joint forces Research Institute jointly developed, the main military force to deal with the battleship equipment highly anticorrosive demand for research and development of ZS-711 inorganic anti-corrosion coating, the main function is acid and alkali such as chloride, sulfide, organic acid and other and electrochemical corrosion resistance, antistatic corrosion, wide application condition, the hardness of the coating. World the new anticorrosion technology is adopted for the ZS-711 inorganic anti-corrosion coating, solution is by new Zhi Sheng Wei Hua special inorganic polymer chelating film-forming solution, with silicon oxy - Si - O - Si - bond based grafted alkyl side chain as adjuvant, again to oh for side chain chelating anticorrosive film forming material, the key of silicon atoms chelate connection, alkyl have good ternary synergistic effect and stability of solution, so as to reduce the influence of polymer, into the film is more compact, strong adhesion, high temperature resistance. Anticorrosive paint for the chelate to the success of the research and development into the membrane solution, to avoid the traditional anticorrosion coating material is divided into low, medium, complicated construction procedure, single paint coating, according to the different working conditions, brushing two times or 2 times above. ZS-711 inorganic anticorrosive paint is a kind of passive metal particle, nano graphite flake and nano metal oxide, which are highly dispersed and activated.