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Research on high water cut anticorrosion coating technology of petroleum machinery

Datatime: 2016-6-12 6:46:49    Hits: 1903

With the development of the petroleum industry, most of the oilfields in our country have entered a development stage of high water cut. In this stage of the development process, increasing the corrosion degree of petroleum machinery, plus most of our oil in sulfuric acid concentration is high, by the combined effects of these factors, corrosion of petroleum machinery increasingly serious, in oil production caused serious influence, also lead to the occurrence of oil production in all kinds of accidents. This article will analyze the reasons for the corrosion of petroleum machinery, and then explore the effective measures to prevent the corrosion of petroleum machinery, so as to provide basic protection for the development of the petroleum industry. With the rapid development of the petroleum industry, the technology of controlling the corrosion of petroleum machinery has gradually become an important factor restricting the development of the petroleum industry. Chih Sheng Wei Hua anticorrosion engineers for a long time for the development of the oil industry, good petroleum machinery anti-corrosion technology is guarantee of the development of the petroleum industry, not only can improve the oil daily production capacity, but also prolonging the life of petroleum machinery. In addition, it is also able to save the cost of oil enterprise development, so that the oil companies to maximize the economic benefits. Therefore, oil companies should strengthen the development and innovation of petroleum machinery corrosion technology, to provide a strong guarantee for the development of the petroleum industry. A, leading to corrosion of petroleum machinery 1, petroleum sulfide lead polysulfides corrosion of petroleum machinery in our country most of the oil contains more, in the process of oil extraction, petroleum machinery equipment exposed to oil easily in the oil multi sulfide corrosion, then multi sulfide is generated on the surface of petroleum machinery, in the running process of the petroleum machinery, these polysulfides will petroleum machinery to bring many unstable factors