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Extral Long Single-armed Weldless Links

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Weldless Links Introduce :   

  Single arm rings mainly in land rig and deep Wells and ultra deep well operation for the offshore platform, is the top drive and the connection between the elevator, main is to improve drilling tools, load in vertical direction. So, because of the large vertical load demanding about the quality of the rings. 

  Our company produces the single arm suspension loop, the actual length is 13000 mm, the actual effective length of 12700 mm. Rings from design to production process completely in accordance with the requirements of the API 8 c, using super high quality alloy steel forging a whole, through modulation processing, make alloy steel has good low temperature resistance, high strength, good toughness, and other functions, can meet the requirements of the use of extreme cold weather, with good comprehensive mechanical properties and obvious market competitive advantage.